Custom Vinyl Stickers – Glossy, Mat or Clear | Die Cut or Kiss Cut

YoSticker offers the best custom vinyl stickers in three different vinyl types:


Glossy custom vinyl stickers with white background are universal, look great and good for any purpose. Choose this type if not sure what to choose.  Gloss finish makes the sticker to look professional and outstanding. Only your imagination limits its usage .


Matte custom vinyl stickers do not glare upon exposure to sunlight or any shiny material. Matte vinyl has the textured finish. Hence it is harder to be scratched, and also finger prints are not visible. The customers use it mostly in outdoor applications. It’s also the best choice for all types of wall decals.


Clear glossy custom vinyl stickers are ideal for bright surfaces only. The printed letters or images are semi-transparent.
Also good to apply on the glass door or window. However don’t use on the dark surface – won’t be well visible.
Note: white color is not printed and left as transparent (CMYK).

All types of  stickers we make are heat, water and UV resistant. As a result, they survive all types of harsh conditions – extreme weather, many dish-washer cycles, microwave oven etc. They are not laminated thus are not fully scratch resistant.

stickers envelope

We deliver the stickers in the envelopes or in cardboard boxes (depending on the amount and the weight).



Stickers delivery is done either as die cut singles or die cut sheets or kiss cut singles.

Die Cut Singles

Vinyl cut contour and perforated cut contour follow the shape of the image.

Such delivery type is good if you resell the stickers and want them to look exceptionally good to attract the clients or if you want to share your stickers in social media channels.

Not available for too small stickers. Such option can include some extra cost.die-cut vinyl sticker singles

Die Cut Sheets

Vinyl cut contour  follows the shape of the image. Stickers are delivered on the sheets. The sheet size can vary depending on the individual sticker size and quantity.

This option is the most popular because it has no extra cost and good for any sticker size.die-cut vinyl sticker sheets

Kiss Cut Singles

Vinyl cut contour follows the shape of the image and perforated cut contour surrounds the design as a rectangle. Think about it as a die cut sheet with one sticker per sheet. Not available for too small stickers.

kiss-cut vinyl sticker sheets

Why YoSticker

We have no minimums. You can order for stickers in any size or quantity. Get a super-fast turnaround.

We don’t require any sign-ins or sign-ups for checkout. Pay safely with your Credit or Debit Card using our integrated PayPal payment gateway.

Design your stickers in minutes and receive them by the mail in just a few days.

Free Shipping on envelope-size orders over $20 to US and Canada and over $40 worldwide
 Order duration: ~5min – 15min
-40°C (-40°F) … +80°C (+176°F)
 Sun resistance: Yes
Snow resistance: Yes
Lifetime: ~4 years
No Minimums

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