Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Question: I am trying to choose the Bleed to be zero (none) but the minimum is only 0.59th / 1.5mm. I want my stickers without white border around!


There are few reasons:

  1. Vinyl has a tendancy to curl on the edges over the time – this is especially well noticed when the sticker is cut through the ink’ed area (especially the issue for black background stickers).
  2. Cutting through the printed area requires 48-72 hours of dry time instead of immediate print-&-cut. It increases production time and, as result, the cost. We try to keep the cost as low as we can to make everyone happy.
  3. Sometimes, it is just impossible to cut right on the edge for very complex multicolor designs so bleeding gap helps to hide these cut errors.

But keep in mind, the bleed serves two purposes:

  • Is a visual border for the stickers making it more eye-catching, contrast and look professional.
  • Hides cut line errors – it is almost impossible to make a cut line right on the edge of the image. There is always negligible horizontal or vertical cut distance error which can be visually very noticable.

However if you still need no bleed, please contact us at before making your order and we will look what we can do.

Question:  What is average turn-around?

Answer: We reserve the right for 5 business days starting next day after we receive the order but usually we do it faster in 2-3 business days.

If you have burning deadline, please let us know and we will see what we can do.

Question: Do you provide the samples?

Answer: We have no minimums. You can order for as little as 10$ and test our stickers with your design! Keep in mind, that some companies, provide you nice and shiny samples but when you do the order, your expectations (with your design) can be not met – color mismatch (common problem), DPI resolution, cutline is not what was expected, vinyl itself is not as in sample pack (oh doh, it can happen too) etc. Thus we always recommend you to make a simple order, test it and when you are happy, go to Order History and re-order your stickers with desired quantity – in this case, you will be sure that you will get exactly the same quality as in your first order.

Question: I need to make a design of my print? Can you do that?

Answer: Sorry, we don’t do that.

Question: I ordered my stickers with Envelope shipping method. Where is my tracking number?

Answer: Regular envelopes don’t have tracking numbers. That’s why we always recommend to choose the shipping methods with tracking number for your costy orders to avoid any headache.

Question: I have a design which is very complex or in .ai, .esp etc format. Your website doesn’t work with it. What should I do?

Answer: Send your design, required printing dimensions, material type and quantity at and we will respond to you with the quotes.

Question: I can’t finish my order. Something doesn’t work. What should I do?

Answer: Send us the screenshot and as much details as you can at . We will look into it ASAP. We are trying to constantly improve our designer tool and it is our top priority.

Question: What is the difference between Removable and Permanent stickers?


Question: What is the difference between a sticker and a decal?


Question: When I upload the image, it says it can be blurry on the print. How can I make sure it won’t look blurry (yes, I don’t have vector graphic but regular image)?

Answer: You need to make sure that the size of your image is good enough. You will learn how to calculate it after reading at

Question: What is the difference between Sheets, Kiss-Cut Singles and Die-Cut singles?


Question: What is the difference between Bubble-Free and Non Bubble-Free stickers? Does it mean that Non Bubble Free sticker will have big ugly bubbles?

Answer: Non Bubble Free stickers can require wet application (surface or sticker adhesive side to be sprayed with the water before application) in order to avoid bubbles. And it is required only for “non-breathing” surfaces like metal, glass or plastic.  Sticking non bubble-free stickers or decals on gipsum walls on dry will be just fine. But if you are still not sure, please ask as at

Question:  I ordered on Monday and expected to get it in my mailbox on Thursday. But got only next week. Refund!

Answer: No refund, sorry. Please read Terms & Conditions which you accepted before making an order.

Question: I want my order ASAP, how can we achieve that?

Answer: Contact us at We will try to make next day shipping if we are able to. It will cost you extra $$$.

Still have questions?

Contact us directly at

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