How to apply small vinyl sticker “on wet” (glass, metal, plastic).

clear sticker
In this How-To blog, we are going to guide you with 5 easy steps about how to successfully apply small vinyl sticker with wet install.

Here are the steps how to successfully apply small vinyl sticker without any bubbles:

  1. Make sure your surface is clean, non-greasy and free from any particles. Don’t use ammonia-based cleaners because they can affect the adhesive.
  2. Spray generously with the clear water the back-side of your vinyl sticker, also spray the surface where you are going to apply your sticker if possible.
  3. Carefully apply the sticker on the surface. Sprayed water will allow you to slightly reposition and align it. Also water helps you to avoid the bubbles.
  4. Now, when your sticker is well aligned, smooth it using some squeegee or credit card wrapped in small towel. The towel will protect the sticker surface from any scratches. Work from the center of the sticker towards the edges to push the air and water out. Make sure there is no water or bubbles left behind.
  5. If there is still some water or air left underneath and impossible to push it out with squeegee or credit card, then pin a little hole in the center of the bubble to let it come out.

We hope this little instruction helped you to apply your small vinyl sticker successfully!

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