How to apply large vinyl decal using center hinge method with dry install (e.g. wall decal installation).

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In this How-To blog, we are going to guide you with 10 easy steps about how to successfully apply large vinyl decal using center hinge method with dry installation (wall decal installation).

Method below describes the decal application “on dry”. This approach is perfect for the surfaces NOT resistant to the water, for example, gypsum drywalls. Wall decal installation is a great example for this how-to blog. If your surface is water resistant, then we strongly recommend you to follow the steps from our post How to apply large vinyl decal using center hinge method with wet install.

Vinyl decal usually arrives as three-layer sandwich: protective backing paper (back-side), adhesive vinyl with your printed design and transfer paper (semi-transparent front-side).

Here are the steps:
  1. Make sure your surface (wall) is clean, non-dusty and free from any particles. Always clean it with wet towel.
  2. Attach your decal to the surface with small pieces of paper duct tape in order to align well your graphic. Make sure your decal looks well aligned from the distance of few meters. step1 - align decal
  3. Apply duct tape vertically through the center of your decal. step2 - apply tape in center vertically
  4. Gently peel protective backing paper off on the right side, so you will keep in hands the transfer paper with the vinyl sticker. You will see the adhesive back side of your sticker. Cut off the backing paper. step3 - remove half backing paper
  5. Carefully apply the right side of the decal on the surface, smooth the decal using some squeegee or old plastic card. Work from the center of the decal towards the edges to push the air out. Make sure there are no bubbles left behind. step5 - stick right side
  6. Repeat the steps 4 and 5 with the left side of your decal accordingly.
  7. Now, when you applied the decal fully, please make sure there is no air left underneath.
  8. Wait for 5 minutes to allow glue to bond a little bit.
  9. Gently remove the transfer paper. Don’t peel it towards yourself (90°) but rather parallel to the surface in the opposite direction (close to 180°). If vinyl sticker or its parts still remain on the transfer paper, repeat the step #5 and try again. If some stickers are still left on transfer paper, repeat the step #5 and soak transfer paper with clear water, wait 1 min and try again. Please be careful and patient – it takes time!
  10. Your decal is ready. If you still see some bubbles, try gently pull them out without damaging the sticker itself. If not possible – no worries, use the pin to make a little hole in the bubble so the air can be released.

We hope this little instruction helped you to apply your large vinyl decal successfully!

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