Die cutting – what it is and what sticker shape is best for you

What is die cut or die cutting?

Die cutting is the process of cutting your printed stickers into any shape you desire. Usually, the die cut shape surrounds the image leaving small bleeding area.

If you love stickers, you must have thought of designing a custom sticker of your own. If you want to design one of your own, then you’ll have to first decide which cut shape you’d like to go with.
Most of the stickers you find online are already cut into standard shapes like rectangles or circles. The beauty of custom designing is that you get to cut your stickers into ANY shape.
Here’s what you need to know to let us help you design your perfect sticker.

Standard Shape Stickers

Custom stickers circle shape - YoStickerCustom stickers rectangle shape - YoSticker






Let’s begin with the industry standard and most popular cut of stickers and labels. 

These shapes include rectangles, square, ovals and circles. These usually come in template sizes to choose from.

Here, at YoSticker, you can choose custom dimensions for these shapes. 

These types of stickers are perfect for jars, bottles and organizational labels. They are also great for business logos in those shapes. 

Circle or oval shapes are good for the objects where you expect a lot of frictions with the sticker. Because these shapes have no sharp corners, chances the sticker will be pealed off are dramatically reduced. If you need rectangle sticker but still expect a lot of touches or frictions, try to make the rectangle corners not sharp but slightly rounded.

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Custom Die Cut Stickers

die cut sticker
die cutting sticker

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These types give all the flexibility you desire. In this kind of design, the die cutting is made to the shape of your artwork. Many print companies actually offer this option but as an add-on which is an extra charge. This can add up whether for small or large orders.

You can easily design your custom sticker for a fraction of the cost. We do NOT charge you extra for this service.

Die cutting option is perfect for branding product labels used for promotional material. They add that personal touch to the material. They also work best for stickers or labels that need to fit a specific space or object.

But keep in mind, more complex your shape is, harder it can be to apply your sticker. For example, business lettering – if lines of your letters are very thin then you are in trouble. For such cases, you need to order the sticker as a decal, so transfer tape will be applied on top of your sticker and you will be able to transfer your sticker to the surface easily.

All the options above are available here at YoSticker. You can create your stickers in any shape and any size you want.
Also we have no minimums! Do you need only one sticker? We can do it!
If you can imagine it, we can create it.

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