Removable Vinyl vs. Permanent Vinyl

Removable Vinyl vs. Permanent Vinyl

Here, at YoSticker, you will find two types of stickers adhesive: permanent and removable.

In fact, the main difference is in the adhesive strengths. Other qualities of these two types of stickers are pretty the same.

They both are:

  • waterproof
  • sun-proof (up to +80C)
  • snow-proof (up to -40C)
  • dishwasher and microoven-proof
  • rich of colors
  • mat or glossy


Bumper Stickers

Removable vinyl sticker is obviously easier to remove and it doesn’t leave any residue on the surface.

It is definitely a great choice to use them as stickers for

  • car bumper
  • electronic devices
  • one season jars
  • wall decals decoration (actually, this is the only option for wall decals, if you don’t want to repaint your wall after the decal has been removed)
  • Halloween or Christmas window/door decorations
  • nail stickers or temporary body tattoos (yes! stickers are used even for that – it is fun!)
  • labels for reusable wine bottles etc


Permanent vinyl sticker is harder to remove and also some residue can be left. But don’t be scared to use permanent stickers if you plan to remove them – first, residue is easy to remove by using Windex or other cleaning solution (please make sure that your surface won’t be affected, definitely not good idea for the wall in your house); second, permanent adhesive needs time to bond properly (from few days to few weeks), thus if you remove the sticker few days after application, you should not get any residue.

Permanent adhesive is indeed a great choice for long-lasting results:

  • labeling products
  • machinery labels/stickers
  • car windshield stickers
  • car business lettering
  • window business lettering
  • boat stickers/decals
  • outside marketing signs etc


As a rule of thumb, if you plan to stick it for more than one year or “forever” (nothing is eternal in this life though), certainly use permanent sticker – because it will stick very well and you won’t have to worry about weather conditions when your stickers are outside.

However if your intention is to remove the sticker in the nearest future (earlier than a year), thus use removable. Also if it is wall decal – absolutely, only removable.

After all, if you are still not sure – removable vinyl vs. permanent vinyl adhesive type to choose, please contact us at and we will be happy to help!

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