Store Open Hours Display – Clear Sticker vs Lettering Decal?

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Do you need to display your Store Open Hours  and hesitating what sign type is right for you?

Stickers or Decals are an excellent, professional way to display your operating hours. Even if your business has non-traditional working hours, an hours’ sticker is necessary.

When it comes to Open Hours display, there are two most popular sign types to consider.

1. Clear Sticker


Open Hours Clear Sticker is usually rectangle sticker sheet with the printed colorful text and images.

You can apply such vinyl from the outside of the window/glass door or from the inside (make sure to flip your design horizontally before you order it, or add in the comments of your order that you need inside-based open hours sticker).

Clear stickers are easy to apply – usually it is water based application which will take literally minutes and you will be able to easily align your sticker during the application.

However clear stickers are usually translucent. As result, if your store or room looks dark from the outside, then your design might not be well visible.

Also consider the fact that CMYK based printers don’t print white color and it is left as transparent.

And here, vinyl lettering is very handy.

2. Vinyl Lettering Decal

window decal, open hours

Lettering decal usually arrives as three-layer sandwich: protective backing paper (back-side), adhesive vinyl with your printed letters or numbers and transfer paper (semi-transparent front-side).

Each letter is individual sticker. So transfer paper is required in order to transfer your individual letters or numbers to the window. Lettering Decal is always opaque, also you can choose between Gloss or Matte finish (matter of taste). Comparing to other companies who provide single-color lettering only, we do the vinyl lettering decals in full colors.

However vinyl lettering has some disadvantages.

First, the application can take some time, you have to make sure you align your graphic properly and then apply it. This article can help a lot.

Second, you can’t install it from the inside of the window and be readable outside, obviously because it is opaque.


Clear stickers

  • can be applied from the inside of the window and can be well readable from the outside
  • super easy installation
  • not always well readable if it is dark inside of the store because of translucent nature

Lettering Decal

  • very well readable from the street because it is opaque
  • looks more elegant and professional
  • can be applied from the outside of the window only in order to be well readable from the street
  • sharp letter corners can start peeling off after few years while single rectangle sticker can last longer
  • application process can be little bit tedious

If you hesitate, then we recommend to choose the Lettering Decal.

Hope this little article will help you to make a right choice.

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