10+ Banksy Art Ideas for Your Wall Decals

Wall decals are an excellent substitute for posters, canvas, or even paint.

Besides, people love how they can spruce up the decor quickly and inexpensively.

It’s also interesting to note that custom stickers have always been a means for self-expression.

Thus, it’s not a surprise that wall decals designs have started to get their inspiration from street art.

And when it comes to street art/graffiti, no other artist elicits more controversy than England-based Banksy.

See, Banksy’s work resonates with most us because of its unusually humorous look at politics and popular culture. And it’s easily reproducible too. Thanks to its stencil designs!

After a particularly nasty incident, Banksy decided to cut his painting time in half or give up altogether.

He got the idea of using stencils while hiding from the police. As he was laying under a dumper truck, he saw a stenciled plate on its fuel tank. He realized that he could copy that style and make his art up to three feet high.

The long and the short of it is — his work has triggered an entire art subculture.

Here, I will explore how Banksy’s graffiti may help you in designing cheap wall decals.

#1 – Girl Hugging a Bomb

After the 9/11 attacks, it was clear that no one was safe anymore.

Granted; Western powers reacted with anti-terror campaigns meant to counter extremism.

But what started out as a fight against the terrorists exposed some uncomfortable truths. That when it came to the excessive use of force, no side was blame free.

Banksy painted this on a wall in Brighton, England during that time. It scolds at how most of us have embraced violence as a culture.

For the pacifist types, the young girl hugging a bomb is a perfect design for custom wall decals.

#2 – The Smiley, Grim Reaper

Graffiti of the Grim Reaper with a Smiley Face

Smileys are creating an entire language now. They’ve allowed us to speak to each other in a way that everyone understands. One could even claim that they show how globalized we’ve become.

But Banksy seems to wonder why we keep on hiding behind the face of civility. Since at the core, we are just ruthless beings.

He thus made this smiling grim reaper to ask that question.

So, are you tired of seeing people mistreating each other without even flinching? Then this idea is worthy of your personalized wall decals.

#3 – ‘Long Live Timisoara!’

Here, Banksy gives dissidence the thumbs up. He’s against violent confrontations all right. Still, he’s a revolutionary at heart.

The graffiti borrows from the Romanian uprising of 1989.

While addressing a rally in the city of Timisoara, President Ceausescu met protesters displeased with his rule.

And a solitary man shouted ‘long live Timisoara!’ starting what became a full-blown revolution.

You could modify that and use it for your vinyl wall decals. Beyond doubt, it would bring out the agitator in you.

#4 – This is a Designated Riot Area

There’s a rebel that lives in every one of us — waiting for a chance to show itself. When we see order all the time, we get bored out of our minds!

In Banksy’s terms, public spaces are a stage for people to become their true selves.

When it comes to you may that may not apply. Extra large wall decals with the free-for-all phrases could thus be better suited to your style.

Your house is as good a place as any for losing control, you know. Just stick one large ‘DESIGNATED RIOT AREA’ sticker in your living room, and we’ll get the idea.

#5 – Stick to the Fat Lane

There’s no denying that we love our extra large burgers and 14” pizzas.

A Harvard University article even called it a global epidemic. According to the study, half of North Americans will be obese by 2030.

This trend didn’t escape Banksy. He states:

A recent survey of North American males found 42% were overweight, 34% were critically obese, and 8% ate the survey.

Do these stats disturb you? If you’re a gourmand and they don’t, go ahead and make some black and white wall decals that read ‘FAT LANE.’ Hey, that’s where you’re heading to after all.

#6 – Cut Along This Line

Now, it’s not unusual to find some things about our houses that we’d rather keep hidden.

Stuff like paint peeling away and implements hanging precariously. What better way to make fun of these than with modern wall decals?

Banksy’s idea is to have a cut-out line running around the offending area to ‘camouflage’ it.

Visitors will think you plan to deal with the eyesore later, and they might forgive you for being sloppy.

#7 – Ice Cream Dynamite

Be wary of innocent looking things! They may seem appealing or safe on the surface, but they can destroy you.

Trust Banksy to see danger where most of can’t. He painted this graffiti on a wall in Brighton beach.

He didn’t dwell too much on the scare factor with it. But the message is clear for all to see.

Such a design could be outstanding on wallpaper decals. It has the subtle threatening quality, which introverts would want to show without speaking out.

#8 – Girlish Gas Mask

There are several ways of interpreting the ‘Girl in a Gas Mask.’

One, you could say that it shows how we’ve destroyed the environment. So much so, that’s it not possible anymore to enjoy nature without pollution poisoning us.

The girl on that wall may have been collecting flowers in the smog-filled air. There’s no telling whether her lungs will survive in such conditions.

Two, it could also contain warnings similar to #7. The leaves in the girl’s hand have all turned to red. Thus she may be out to cause harm.

What do you see when you look at the girl?

It would be wonderful to have it on custom stickers and leave people guessing what you are trying to say. Don’t you think?

#9 – Love Will Float Away

I don’t know why Banksy has an obsession with using young girls in his art to pass his message across.

Take this one on a wall in Southbank, London; for instance.

That red, heart-shaped balloon has floated away from the girl. So she’s left with a distressed look on her face. It’s the sort of reaction you could expect from someone who’s going through some painful loss.

Take note of that man seated next to the wall. He couldn’t be any more apathetic.

I guess that composition embodies what Banksy is trying to say. That society couldn’t care less about your troubles.

Why not try this idea on a decal the next time you want to wear your heart on your sleeve?

#10 – Stress Induced Coronary Disease

Graffiti on a Garbage bin Displaying the Bear and the Bee Story

The bee and the bear story is one of Banksy’s most quoted phrases.

Yes, it’s sad that the bee worked so hard and died before it could share the honey with the starved bear.

But just read it carefully, and you’ll see that it has a moral that applies to us as well.

It tells us that busyness is not good business. Hey, as busy as a bee, right? Well, see where Banksy’s bee ended up.

When it comes to work-life balance, this should be your go-to custom quote for your wall decals.

#11 – Escape Code

Nowadays, everything is going commercial. Very few people will care about passion if there’s no money involved.

As Banksy depicts in this artwork, there is a tiger in all of us. But it’s in a cage. See, we are too fixated on becoming rich that we forget to live.

Nobody pays attention to what’s important anymore. Things like health and family take a back seat to career progression, for example.

Luckily, Banksy has a recipe for escaping that rat race. And just like him, you can share that secret on your personalized wall decals.

#12 – ‘Beggar’ King

Banksy takes offense at how corporations treat their targeted customers. He especially has a problem with modern marketing methods — but don’t we all?

He says:

[Advertisers] abuse you everyday. They butt into your life, take a cheap shot at you and then disappear.

So, wouldn’t it be lovely if you could get back at these mega, uncaring companies?

The Banksy ‘Beggar King’ offers one such design. Let it inspire your vinyl wall decals, and people will thank you for standing up to injustice.

Over to You

There are lots to draw creativity from when it comes to custom stickers’ designs. The controversial Banksy can certainly point you to some originality.

But it’s also vital that you make vinyl decals that can stand some abuse.

It wouldn’t be worth the trouble, for instance, to make signage that’s prone to fade.

That’s why at YoSticker, only high-quality materials are used for production.

Just like Banksy, we believe that “A wall has always been the best place to publish your work.”

So visit us today, and we will give you the best quote for your wall decals.

All photo credits go to Banksy. You can find these images and more in his book, Wall and Piece.

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